Quick Service Restaurants

Our solution for QSR industry includes single use table wares, on the go service wares, take away & home-delivered food packaging.

The bio-based and compostable nature of our solution makes sure that your customer get their ordered food in a micro-plastic free and sustainable wares. Health of your customers and the environment we live in becomes an integral part of your service offering.

At Sustanix, we are partnering with brands to provide best in class solution to the ever-evolving needs of QSR & Delivery Services Industry, together moving towards circular economy.

Festival and Events

Our solution for festival and events industry can replace 90-95% of single-use plastic products actively used with bio-sourced alternatives helping in reduction of plastic related emissions by almost 52%.

An average event generates around 1.8 tonnes of plastic waste which cannot be composted or be left to degrade. We partner event companies across the globe to turn festivals & events more sustainable by understanding its peculiar needs and design customized solution.

Retail Industry

Our sustainable solution for retail industry is designed for enhancing brand perception of brands in the minds of their customer.

We partner companies to provide exquisite solutions for sustainable retailing thereby enhancing customer experience.

Point-of-sale experience is further sensitized by adding sustainability to its experience.

Travel Industry

We partner with airlines, cruise lines, trains, buses and other travel medium brands to design customized solution to replace single-use plastic usage with bio-sourced and bio-degradable alternatives.

Our solution are designed to fulfill specific requirements of shock proof, heat seal, liquid resistant, etc. We indirectly make travel more sustainable.